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The power of Nothing is Andrea Ursini’s first limited edition NFT collection. Andrea’s inspiration for this first project is based on three main pillars: Waste issue, the inertia of powerful world figures and AI.


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The collection ‘The power of Nothing’ is a transposition of portraits of the 5 most influential figures in the world economy, imagined as helpless homeless people. 


The entire collection of only 5 NFTs was designed via Artificial Intelligence by Andrea and each one is a unique and unrepeatable piece. This NFT collection was designed to raise debate on the very serious unresolved problem of waste produced by the world’s economic giants and aggravated by their inertia in tackling the problem, imagining them in the future at the collapse of the world economic system as helpless homeless people surrounded by rubbish.

The_Power_of_Nothing by Andrea Ursini_ICON
Andrea Ursini - render fotorealistico


Andrea Ursini is an Italian CG artist whose work is developed in the continuous investigation of different media and tools. 


He is a civil engineer by training but curious by profession, which is why he is constantly studying different media through which to represent architecture – of which he is a great enthusiast – as well as social issues, including the social transformations due to the current Web 3.0 digital revolution. He materialises these concepts by interpreting contemporary cultural changes.



Born in 1990, Andrea started his career in 2020 as an independent 3D artist. He has obtained several collaborations in Archviz projects and is currently working with the Team of 3DWS, a leading Italian company in computer graphics services.

Since 2018, Andrea started studying the huge digital revolution brought about by the arrival of Web 3.0, getting in touch with Blockchain technology and related NFTs. In 2022, he entered the Metaverse by collaborating on a project with OVER the Reality, materialising in 3D a local architectural space for the creation of a phi-gital event. 



"We are facing an artistic revolution for sure. Thanks to NFT technology, we are finally able to unambiguously recognise the validity and uniqueness of the work, as well as its creator. We are now able to face reality outside time and space thanks to the power of the Metaverse and Web3.0 technology, reopening the debate on social issues in a new guise".


in depth


This section describes the collection ‘The Power of Nothing’, from its conception to its development and realisation. You will have the opportunity to read about the conception of this project in 360 degrees.


The idea behind the release of this collection is threefold: first, to create awareness in Italian CG professionals, and in my social community, of the artistic revolution we are experiencing with the NFT universe. Secondly, to offer an exclusive audience a collection that is truly limited (only 5 pieces) but not demanding in terms of investment. 


Last but not least, with “The Power of Nothing” I want to start a journey together with my community and my followers in which I can interact and contribute to the creation of future projects, with the unique goal of providing a high level artistic imprint, spreading awareness and helping and supporting my research on these new technologies.


This collection was born from a mix of 3 heterogeneous factors: 


1 – the issue of waste and resource consumption that plagues our age,

2 – the inertia of the iconic ‘powerful’ figures that dominate the world economic system,

3 – Artificial Intelligence and its monstrous possibilities in graphics


‘The Power of Nothing’ is Andrea Ursini’s first limited edition NFT collection.


Even if you don’t buy a piece from the collection, following this project from its inception will help you broaden your perspective on digital art and NFT. Even leaving the contribution of a simple “follow” on my Instagram and Twitter channels will be of great value to me and my community.


The collection consists of 5 pieces (1/1), all different and unique.


By coming into possession of one of these unique pieces, besides appreciating the art itself and reflecting on the themes proposed, you will be of enormous help in supporting my career as an independent CG artist.


The launch of “The Power of Nothing” collection will follow 8 + 1 main steps, as shown below.

On the first day, the collection will be created on OpenSea using the BlockChain Polygon. For the next 5 days, one NFT per day will be mined – only 5 NFTs in a 1:1 run .


On 1 September 2022, sales will open to the public for 30 days.


At midnight on 1 October (Italian time) the sales will be closed.

August 23, 2022
August 23, 2022

Creation of the collection

The collection will be created on OpenSea and hosted on Polygon blockchain

August 24, 2022
August 24, 2022

Mint TPON #1

TPON #1 image will be Minted

NFT collection image 1/5 'The Power of Nothing' will be uploaded to Polygon blockchain

August 25, 2022
August 25, 2022

Mint TPON #2

TPON #2 image will be Minted

NFT collection image 2/5 'The Power of Nothing' will be uploaded to Polygon blockchain

August 26, 2022
August 26, 2022

Mint TPON #3

TPON #3 image will be Minted

NFT collection image 3/5 'The Power of Nothing' will be uploaded to Polygon blockchain

August 27, 2022
August 27, 2022

Mint TPON #4

TPON #4 image will be Minted

NFT collection image 4/5 'The Power of Nothing' will be uploaded to Polygon blockchain

August 28, 2022
August 28, 2022

Mint TPON #5

TPON #5 image will be Minted

NFT collection image 5/5 'The Power of Nothing' will be uploaded to Polygon blockchain

September 1, 2022
September 1, 2022


Sales will be open to the public on the OpenSea marketplace

October 1, 2022
October 1, 2022


The 1st October 2022 at 12:00PM (Italian Time), the sale of the collection will be closed 

November , 2022
November , 2022

Starting new collection

More info coming soon!

Stay tuned on my Instagram and Twitter 


Unlike other projects, here you will not find promises that are usually not kept.


This is a bet between myself and the reality of the NFT universe and what I guarantee is that I will continue to innovate on different utilities and provide my community with high quality and useful experiences as an independent researcher and artist.


In addition, I have research and development at heart, which is why after the release of this first collection, all proceeds will be donated to the research and development of a subsequent new collection.